20 Things To De-stress Your Life

“How to be stress free”

“I’m so bored with life”

“How not to be stressed”

“I’m feeling bored”

“So bored, what to do”

If these phrases sound like what you are going through and thinking about all day, you are not alone! And there are so many people going through this exact same feeling that they are so bored with life that they don’t know what to do.

You might be in a boring relationship or you might be doing the same boring job for years. You might be stressed because of your grades at school or because you are not doing as well financially as your friends are.

Political environment, protests all around us, poor economy, high unemployment rate, traffic jams, social pressure, or simply what to wear – there could be so many reasons that the combined pressure of  everything leads to tension, stress or even depression.

In many cases, stress occurs because of the monotonous life that we’ve been living. We wake up, go to work, meet the same people, come back home late, watch news, eat dinner and sleep.

On weekends, we meet the same friends and do the same activities that relieve some stress. But the Monday comes, the same daily routine starts and we are stressed again!

Doing same things over and over leads to a more stressful environment. Here are some of the things you can try to make you and your life stress free.

1. Declutter yourself

Yes! The first step to be stress free is to remove the unnecessary elements from your life. Clean your office desk. Clean your house and get rid of useless things that you don’t want.

2. Do not criticise anyone

Try not to worry about others and what they do as long as they are not causing direct harm to anyone around you. What someone else thinks is not your problem and you can’t change anyone but you.

Letting yourself go off others’ is a great way of reducing stress.

3. Change your morning habit

Add 10 minutes of meditation in your morning schedule. Play some light music while you dress up. Go out for a 15-minute run right after you wake up. Enjoy your breakfast slowly before you head out to work. Walk or cycle to work. Spend 15 minutes organizing your day.

If you haven’t been doing these things, try change one thing in your morning schedule and you’ll see the difference.

4. Go for evening walks with your loved ones

When you come back home, don’t just retire in your sofa and watch Netflix. Go out for an evening walk after the dinner in the nearby park or in the woods.

Take time out of watching TV or surfing the internet and spend some quality time with your family everyday.

5. Own less things

Do you own a furniture that you no longer use but don’t want to throw away? Give it to someone who needs it or to a friend and earn some good karma points. The less you have, the less you’ll worry about

If you own 30 pairs of shoes and 50 dresses or shirts and trousers, you will always be confused about what to wear. This small event of your day need not be so stressful if you own let’s say just 5.

6. Work on a side project

Have a small side project that really makes you feel motivated and excited throughout the day and the week. Be it constructing your own coffee table, or knitting a sweater for your mom.

Often a side project can be a great source of motivation, if done regularly. If you are time pressed, then really think about how you can cut out time from useless activities.

7. Buy something to make you smile

Seeing something silly that makes you smile is a pretty good way of staying stress free. Arrange your office desk with this Otter tape dispenser or these minion action figures. Check out our Quirky section for more ideas.

Obviously, these are some of the ideas but the point is that you get surrounded with things that will make you laugh. Even though you work in a serious job, a little humour will help everyone around you.

8. Watch comedy movies

inside out stress free movie

Watch a comedy movie to take you away from stress. While you might be a action movie guy, watching comedy movie will certainly make you feel good. When choosing between a thriller or a comedy movie, choose the latter. Not only will it keep you away from the negative emotions caused by thriller, but also give you something to cheer about.

9. Do something silly

And laugh about it. Do another thing that makes you look silly. Laugh some more. Do not take yourself so seriously and learn to make fun of yourself and laugh about it.

Most of the social pressure that you think you have are inexistent and are there only in your head.

10. Exercise & Meditate

There’s no secret that most successful people practise meditation and do some form of exercise. Meditation helps you in becoming self-aware and in control of your actions and emotions.

Exercise to stay in good shape, physically and mentally. If you can’t afford a gym membership, exercise at home or in a park but there is no cutting corners on this one.

11. Join a club

We, being social animals, like to do activities in groups and in company of other people with common interests. Joining a club ensures that you practice your hobbies or activities with others like you.

12. Change your home interiors

moving furniture, stress free

Rearrange your furniture, change the wallpapers of your room, or install a hammock in your living room. Change the interiors of your home and you’ll feel different and nice about your work.
Use brighter colours and more light in your home to give you the feeling of more space. Move away unwanted things or change the position of your bed, or change the curtains.

13. Call an old friend

How about calling an old friend from college or high school whom you haven’t seen in years? There is always an inertia which stops you from calling an old friend.

Oh, we haven’t talked in years, what will we talk about now? God knows, what (s)he is upto now!

Don’t worry about all these things. You know they will be thrilled to hear back from you and talk about the fun memories from the past. Who knows this might lead you to organize a reunion of old friends from 5, 10, 15 or 50 years back.

They will all thank you for taking the initiative!

14. Go out on a weekend trip

You don’t need to take a long and expensive vacation in order to relax yourself. Plan a road trip to the next beautiful city or nearest lake, hill, beach that is worth getting away from your city.

Enjoy the presence of your closed ones and take time to feel good about yourself.

15. Travel to your favourite destination

Don’t postpone your plans to travel to Europe or South-East Asia to a later date. Take a chance and travel for a while. Travelling often changes perspective of different things and makes you more open to ideas. If we were to rank the activities suggested in this list, travelling would be on the top of the list.

16. Try out new hobbies

Try out a new skill every month until you really like something that you wanna continue for a long while. This way you can experience various things and learn what you really like and don’t like.

Try your hand at learning Poker, or riding a horse or making jewellery. Unless you try your hands at many things, you won’t know what you like and want to do.

17. Master a skill

Try something that you are haven’t done before. Practise it everyday until become more comfortable at it. And then practise some more until you master that skill.

Knowing that you have excelled at doing something that you didn’t know a few months (or weeks) ago will make you feel very happy.

Be it practising Yoga or baking a perfect cake, running marathons or skateboarding.

18. Buy a good quality pair of headphones

sony mdr-100abn reviews, Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

Are you annoyed by all the noises around you in your office or in the subway on your way back? Buy yourself a good pair of headphones to cut down all the unwanted noises and enjoy the music that you like.

19. Add more bright colours

Bright colours are known to enhance the mood and be stress free. Buy some flowers and keep it on your office desk and at home and you will feel much better. Wear brighter clothes.

20. Know about people

Talk to more people and learn about their stories, about their lives, what they do, and if they have something to teach you. Learn from their experiences and you will have more idea of the world. You’ll be able to connect better with people and they will appreciate it.

21. (BONUS) Get a massage

Nothing relaxes your body like a good massage. Get yourself a massage treat and wear off that extra body tension you’ve been carrying.

While these are some of the things you could do to be stress free, try these 101 ways to stay happy and stress free. 

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