7 Gift Ideas For Geeks That They Will Absolutely Love

I know it’s always difficult to find a gift for a geek friend if you don’t share the same level of geekiness.

Check out this list for cool gift ideas for the geeks.

1. Nintendo : NES Classic Edition

What brings more happiness than playing your childhood games of Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, PAC-MAN, etc. on an old NES classic controller exactly like the childhood?

It comes with 30 pre-loaded games from the past and is a good gift idea for people from all age groups.

2. Smartphone controlled Paper Airplane

We all have been making paper airplanes in our childhood and sometimes even in our adulthood with higher level of sophistication. We geeks love to bring back our childhood passions back with a technological twist and this is one of those products.

But this device is a paper airplane that is controlled by a remote (an app on your smartphone or tablet) that can fly higher, longer and faster than any paper airplane that you ever made.


3. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

If your friend owns a Samsung Galaxy device, this is the best gift you could give him or her. This is a wireless charging adapter that solves the problem of plugging in the charger to a phone every time you charge it.

It is so simple to use that you might wanna buy one for yourself too! But that is only if you own a Samsung Galaxy phone.


4. Exploding Kittens : A Geek Card Game 

Now who doesn’t love a card game and that too if it’s about kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats!

Just by knowing the title of this game, you know that your geek friend is going to love it. We’re just letting you know!


5. Air Swimmers RC Flying Shark

Imagine yourself surprising your friends with a fish flying in the air smoothly and gently controlled by remote. There is a shark shaped balloon that can be filled with helium that you can get in any convenience store.

It takes a little patience to assemble the shark but once you are done, you will love the experience of flying this through everywhere.

Air Swimmers Shark swims through air and people love it. Don’t believe me? Check out how much fun Casey Neistat had flying his shark through a museum! We don’t recommend flying your fish into a museum, of course.




6. Kinetic Sand, Shimmering Sapphire

Kinetic Sand is 98% sand and 2% polymers that allows the sand to hold its strength. It means that you can easily make shapes, cut the sand into slices or mould them with your hands.

Ok, you the packaging says that this product is for kids of age 3+! It doesn’t mean that you 20 something geek friend won’t like it. In fact, you’ll see how he geeks out while playing with kinetic sand.

Something about this sand is that it is very very satisfying to play with. I love the blue colour, but there are other colours available too.


7. Star Wars R2-D2 USB Wall Charger

This R2-D2 USB Wall Charger is a perfect gift for a Star Wars fan and let’s be honest every geek loves Star Wars. You can’t get wrong with this gift and your geek friend will appreciate.


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