Best Insulated Water Bottle To Keep You Hydrated – Buyer’s Guide

It’s a hot day today. And you have planned to go outdoors for a hike with your friends.

You have packed some water bottles carrying cold and refreshing water to keep you fresh and hydrated.

It’s blazing hot outside and going out for a hike without cold water would be insane.

But you’ll be fine ‘coz you have plenty of cold water to keep you cool. And a hiking hat to protect from the sun!

It’s been 3 hours now. You are out there with your friends, tired, still moving but thirsty…

You open your water bottle with a relief and take a sip of ‘cold and refreshing’ water!

… Yikes!!!

The water is completely warm!

You had cold water in your bottle just 3 hours ago!

So what happened?

Your everyday sports water bottle is just not enough to carry cold water for hours. You need something which is more insulated.

For those who can relate to this situation, we have prepared this buyer’s guide to help you buy the best water bottle to keep you hydrated on long hikes, treks or for any other activity.

The Best Insulated Water Bottles


Hydro Flask is a reputed water bottle brand. These vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles come in variety of colors and sizes for every occasion. This bottle keeps hot liquid hot for upto 6 hours and cold liquid cold for upto 24 hours due to it’s vacuum insulated design.

It has an easy-to-carry handle with a sturdy strap. It is slightly heavy and large enough to carry water from 18oz to 64oz which is quite comfortable to hold this bottle without any fear of slipping.

The bottle can be washed easily and doesn’t leave any metallic taste in the mouth while drinking from it. However, hot coffee kept for longer hours might leave some taste behind. Cleaning the bottle by soaking it in baking soda and vinegar for a few hours.

The bottle is pretty durable and dropping it might get a few dents but won’t break it as it is made of stainless steel. Perfect water bottle for sports, travels, hiking, camping or everyday use, which is value for money.

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coldest water bottle

Klean Kanteen vacuum water bottle is the best insulated water bottle due to double walled stainless steel body that is quite durable. It can keep cold drinks cold for more than 35 hours and hot drinks hot for upto 8 hours. Due to its looped cap, it is quite convenient to carry around.

The bottle is slightly difficult to clean and retains the taste of hot coffee much more than Hydro Flask. It leaves a slightly metallic taste in the mouth when drinking water. Drinking directly from the bottle is slightly inconvenient due to its thin, sharp body.

Best for keeping hot drinks due to the spill-proof cap that is specially designed to drink coffee.

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Avex Brazos water bottle gained praises for water bottle with an innovative lid design that allows you to control the flow of liquid with one hand. This leak-proof lid is designed to keep drivers’ safety in mind and is very convenient to carry around.

Due to its narrow shape, you’ll have to use a bottle cleaning brush to clean this water bottle. However, due to its complex design, the inside of the lid is slightly difficult to clean.

There is no metallic taste in this water bottle unlike Klean Kanteen. You can surely use this for keeping hot and cold liquids and it doesn’t retain any taste after cleaning.

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MIIR stainless steel water bottle is out top choice for performance and design. The bottle is a sleek water bottle that is lightweight, easy-to-fill and leak-proof. It can keep cold liquids for 24 hours and hot liquids for 12 hours easily.

Due to the lid design, it is very easy to tightly close or open the bottle with needing a lot of strength. Due to narrow design, it can be cleaned easily but only with a bottle brush.

For a price of $20, it is a cheap water bottle and least expensive among the best water bottles for any purpose in this size.

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best insulated water bottle

Yeti Rambler is a sturdier and heavier vacuum insulated double walled stainless steel water bottle. It comes in different sizes – the smallest one is 10oz and the largest capacity water bottle is 64oz. It has a wide mouth and cap which are easy to clean and fill liquid.

Yeti Rambler is quite a heavy water bottle measuring 22oz and is quite durable. You won’t be carrying this water bottle on a quick run but is a good option for longer treks and camping trips due to its large capacity and highly effective insulation.

Like other good quality water bottles, Yeti Rambler doesn’t have any metallic taste not the taste is detectable once it is cleaned after keeping coffee in it for several hours.

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best insulated water bottle with straw, best water bottle brand

CamelBak Eddy is the best insulated water bottle with straw that has a wide mouth and light weight. With bite and suck valve for drinking water, it is good for activities like driving, running, cycling or light workout sessions.

However, there is slight rubbery flavor to the valve. It also retains the taste of flavoured drinks and not suitable for keeping coffee or any flavored sports drinks.

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Let’s save the best for the last!

Nalgene Wide Mouth water bottle is the best insulated water bottle in all aspects. It is a BPA-free, easy-to-use, light-weight plastic water bottle. This is an affordable water bottle which can be used for daily purposes as well as for activities like camping and trekking.

Due to its wide mouth, it might be difficult to drink in it for some without being careful. There is no plasticky taste and it is completely leak-proof. You can add any energy drink and the taste is gone after one wash so you can use it multiple times with any liquid.

Nalgene is one of the most popular water bottle brand and surely among the outdoor activity communities. It is one of the best when it comes to value-for-money brand.


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