12 Best Fitness Watches & Trackers Reviewed

Today, fitness watches are considered as an essential accessory for any active, fitness enthusiast. Fitness watches allow you to track so many aspects of your activities which were not possible a few years ago. They analyse the data to achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

Surely, they are still in their early stage of innovation and we are yet to see the full potential of fitness devices and activity trackers. However, people who are using them are improving their fitness thanks to these intelligent tracking devices.

Since there are so many fitness watches and trackers, it is difficult to choose the right ones. We have compiled this guide to help you buy the right fitness tracker for you.

Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker

fitness watches for women

Rectangular OLED and smooth silicone band give Fitbit Charge 2 a very unique design which is not too wide, nor too narrow. The battery lasts for five days which is disappointing at first but compared to other similar activity trackers, it is not too bad.

You can toggle between five screens using physical keys on the side of this activity tracker: Time and Date, Heart Rate Monitoring, Activities, Stopwatch and Relax. You can monitor activities like cycling, elliptical, treadmill running, workout and sleep.

There is no in-built GPS but you can connect it with your phone and use your phone’s GPS to track location, etc. which is a little cumbersome. However, one of the main reasons for buying a Fitbit device is the mobile app which is extremely detailed and easy to use.

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Fitbit Charge 2

For those who want to track and analyze general activities and workout without wearing large-sized fitness wristbands. Also, you can interchange bands to match with your daily style which is a plus.

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Apple Watch Nike+ Smartwatch

Apple Watch Nike+ is a Series 2 Apple Watch with style sense of Nike added into it. The watch has a cool strap which has its fans and haters.

It is made for runners and you can get total distance traveled, total number of runs, average pace, and average number of NikeFuel points. You can find out how many calories you burnt, average pace, duration, average heart rate and a map of your route. You can join the Nike+ Run Club app to share your runs and talk about improving your performance with a very active runners’ club.

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Apple Watch Nike+

For people who are serious about brand and style and are always connected. Not really for the serious athletes out there.

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Garmin Forerunner 735XT Fitness Watch

fitness watches for men

Garmin Forerunner is a sports watch maker. They make some of the best fitness watches and activity trackers. Forerunner 735XT is light-weight sporty looking fitness watch that is bundled with several optional chest straps for triathlons, swimming, or heart rate monitoring.

More expensive than most of the activity trackers, 735XT has an exceptional battery life of 10 days, one of the most accurate activity trackers and is durable.

There are several activity modes than you’d ever use like run, indoor run, bike, indoor bike, open water swim, pool swim, triathlon but also, hiking, cross-country skiing, strength training, and paddle sports. You can also create custom workouts for you or just download workouts created by others on the Connect IQ store by Garmin. In triathlon mode, you can just press a button to change the activity.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT provides a lot of flexibility to connect with other devices and apps that you can really make use of the best options available for you to track your health and fitness.

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Garmin Forerunner 735XT

For athletes and sportsmen who need continuous data monitoring and can afford to spend more on a great device like this one

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Samsung Gear Fit2 Band

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Talking about smart objects, how can Samsung be not there. Gear Fit2 can function with any Android phone unlike its predecessors which is a good move. It has got optical heart rate monitor and in-built GPS. It looks more like a band and less like a typical watch which means Samsung wants you to wear it daily as an accessory rather than as a watch.

The power is really in the Samsung ecosystem – Health app, Fit2 music player, smartphone notifications, etc. Fit2 supports integration with other apps like Weather Channel app, Spotify, and many more to give you more flexibility.

The battery lasts for 4-5 days which is disappointing for a fitness wristband with small display.

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Samsung Gear Fit2

Certainly an improved fitness tracker than previous attempts by Samsung. For those who like the flexibility of Samsung ecosystem

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Garmin vívoactive HR

Another smartwatch from Garmin, vivoactive HR is less expensive than Forerunner 735XT but equally powerful. With this one, you can analyze various activities like running, cycling, golf, swimming, fitness tracking, cross country skiing, indoor cycling, indoor running, indoor rowing, etc.

It has several functionalities like smartwatch notifications and heart rate monitoring. It’s a perfect all-in-one watch that can record and analyze massive amount of fitness data. With press of a button, you can switch to different modes. Since it is connected to Garmin ecosystem, you know that you are going to use the best app for your activity monitoring.

With five days of battery life, you have nothing to complain about for a watch like this. It is water-resistant to 5ATM (50 meters) so it is quite safe to wear it all day long and in the swimming pool.

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Garmin vívoactive HR

With so many options, it is really a dream watch for a sports junkie who likes to spend his/her weekend juggling between running, swimming, cycling and ends with a session of golf.

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Moov Now Fitness Tracker

Moov Now is an attractive fitness tracker which has an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer. It tracks five activities: cardio boxing, swimming, cycling, running and calisthenics. It has a sleep tracker is quite good but doesn’t give accurate reading as it doesn’t actually know when you’re sleeping.

There is a real-time coaching provided, however for some reason it requires to be connected to your phone for that. This is not very useful for running or swimming.

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Moov Now

Available in 4 colors, it is stylish and tracks various activities. It is quite good for in-home workout sessions due to audio coaching.

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Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Wristband

Fitbit Alta HR is a slim fitness tracking wristband, which is quite powerful for its size. It has continuous heart rate monitoring, step count, and sleep tracking. It is quite stylish for a fitness band that can double as your daily watch too.

You might think that smaller fitness band like this wouldn’t be so accurate but you’d surprised by it. It’s readings for heart rate, sleep tracking is more accurate than the more expensive ones – Apple Watch and LG Watch Sport.

With sleep tracker, you can track the sleep stages i.e. light, deep and REM sleep and their duration to help you understand your sleep pattern better with awesome analytics and charts. Battery life is excellent and can run upto 5 days without charge.

The screen response is laggy sometimes and you might have to tap twice in order to get a response. Lack of GPS might be critical to those who take their activities seriously.

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Fitbit Alta HR

Slim and stylish Fitbit Alta HR is a powerful and accurate fitness band perfect for your active lifestyle. This happens to be out favourite.

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Garmin Forerunner 35 Smartwatch

Garmin Forerunner 35, like other smartwatches and fitness trackers from the manufacturer, is an excellent piece of technology built for the serious athletes. With in-built GPS, accelerometer, continuous heart rate monitoring, long battery life and waterproof body it is made to be taken outdoors.

There is no touchscreen (perhaps improved ruggedness? ) but it is easy to control using the side buttons especially when you have sweaty hands. The battery life is 9 days which is one of the longest for fitness watches of this capability. Forerunner 35 is a waterproof tracker which is rated 5 ATM and you can go swimming with it.

However, it doesn’t track swimming. … Why?

You can connect it with the Garmin Connect app which is the same for all Garmin fitness trackers. There is a variety of analytics that it provides. You can track activities like cycling, running, cardio, walk, treadmill run and get data about distance, speed, time, calories burnt. It is probably the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

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Garmin Forerunner 35

Excellent device which is worth the money and has GPS, accurate heart rate monitoring that only the more expensive devices can do

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Fitbit Surge Watch & Tracker

fitness smartwatches

Fitbit is a well-known brand for fitness trackers. With Fitbit Surge, the company has tried to target several sub-markets at once and has successfully done that.

In addition to running – with free run, treadmill run and lap run options, you can choose seven activities. These are hiking, weights, elliptical, Spinning, yoga, gym workout, stair climbing, circuit training, boot camp, pilates, kick boxing, tennis, martial arts, golf, and walking.

Runners can track their route, heart rate monitoring and speed. Those who like to keep track of steps can do so at all times and analyze whether they are more activity than the previous day. For each activity that you track, this fitness device also analyzes the data and converts into beautiful visuals that are easy to understand.

You can also track sleep with Fitbit Surge. It is available in 3 sizes and has a smooth and elegant strap which is quite comfortable on the wrist even during running and other activities. That’s the whole point, right?

The battery lasts for around five hours when the GPS is on which might be an important criterion for many. However, most of the GPS enabled activity trackers have 8 -9 hours of battery when GPS is fired. Also, it is not waterproof so don’t go swimming with Surge on your wrist.

The best feature of Fitbit Surge is the ability to sync data with your online account automatically using a USB key which comes included in the box.

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Fitbit Surge

Excellent device for people who love to track multiple activities and want to monitor their continuous heart rate

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Misfit Ray Fitness Band

fitness bands

Definitely the sleekest design of all, Misfit Ray can pass along as a fashion accessory and it is a jack of all trades when it comes to fitness tracking. It can track your activities like sleep, running, and walking. They are also the most comfortable to wear even while sleeping.

Since it doesn’t have any screen, it is also one of the longest running fitness tracker on a single charge. There is an LED that shows different colors while vibrating for different situations. For example, red blinking light means you haven’t moved in some time, purple for time to wake up and when you get a phone call, it will blink green and blue for text messages. It does take a while to understand that though.

However, there is an app where you can see all the notifications and analysis of your activities. If you like to check your stats during your activity like running, you will have to carry your phone with you. With great style and multiple activities tracking, this is not just a cheap fitness tracker but an impressive one.

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Misfit Ray

The most stylish and attractive fitness tracker, Misfit Ray is a bargain for its price and delivers quite a value and style. It is also very accurate.

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Withings Steel HR Fitness Smartwatch

fitness watches

Withings is a connected health devices company that has been bought by Nokia. They are not the best looking fitness smartwatch, they don’t even look any different from other regular watches.

It can monitor running, swimming and sleep tracking. You don’t even need to change the functionality to start tracking different activities. The button on the right lets you see different screens for heart rate monitoring, number of steps, distance, alarms and battery life. It is not an exercise tracker and doesn’t monitor anything except steps tracking which is really disappointing.

The app is quite good looking and is very helpful in understanding your activity to improve your performance. The battery lasts for over a month without charge and this is very impressive and useful for those who don’t like charging their devices everyday.

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Withings Steel HR

If you prefer wearing a fitness tracker that doesn't look sporty and goes well with your office suits, Withings Steel HR is for you.

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Lumo Run Activity Tracking Pod

fitness tracker

As the name suggests, this is a running tracker that clips to your clothes and analyses every single detail about your running performance. It provides you various feedback on pre-run exercise as well as your cadence, vertical oscillation, braking, pelvic drop, and pelvic rotation to improve your run.

Lumo Run works only with iPhone and not with Android so that might be a hindrance to many. But if you have an iPhone, you can connect it with this device and you won’t have to take your phone with you, and it will provide you on-run coaching and track your route.

The device is really unique due to its feedback and advice provided to improve your performance. The battery lasts for a 8 – 10 days if you are a casual runner and use it for 30 min runs.

It doesn’t have a heart rate monitor and lack certain features that high-end device can provide for running analytics like recovery estimate or setting goals.

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Lumo Run

Essentially a running tracking device, it is the best for feedback and advice to improve performance. For serious runners at all levels who want to improve their performance with real-time coaching.

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