Amazon’s Mistake Made People Score The Echo Dot For FREE

Amazon shoppers went crazy for a few minutes when they found out they could score The Echo Dot for free!

And some people did make the most out of it!

No, it was not an offer or deal that Amazon planned on running.

Instead, it was a minor glitch that allowed people to buy The Echo Dot for free using Audible Promo.

While there is no surprise some people tried to make the most out of it and bought 2 of them.

Others tried to loot Amazon and bought 5.

echo dot glitch

And then there was one shopper who totally scored it big time ordering 67!

Sixty Seven!

If my Math is right, that’s $3350 worth of free The Echo Dot! That should be crime!

Not jealous yet?

Then read this!

According to Amazon sources, they are not backing out of this *deal* and are shipping away all of them.

If you didn’t get The Echo Dot for free, keep browsing Amazon till you find another goldmine deal.

Oh and by the way… Amazon is running an offer of $20 off on buying 3 Echo Dot (2nd gen), if you’re interested.

Update: Amazon has resolved the glitch and now Echo Dot is back on the website. But this time, you might have to pay for it!

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